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More Colombia Nariño, Good Idea!
Spring brings a return of a customer favorite— Colombia Nariño —layered with herbal notes and an elegant walnut-like finish unique to Colombia's Nariño region, this medium-bodied coffee pairs marvelously with milk chocolate, pecans and walnuts. Colombia Nariño also … more »
More Stars from My Starbucks Rewards™
You’ve asked for it time and time again, and waited patiently for the big day to come. Well here it is. At and participating Starbucks stores, when you buy any bag of coffee, a package of Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee (excluding single sticks), K-cup® packs or Verismo™ … more »
The Return of Maple Macchiato in Canada
You told us how much you loved the Maple Macchiato when it was here. You told us how much you missed it once it was gone. And we get it; maple syrup is one of the five major Canadian food groups after all. So to many My Starbucks Idea customers’ delight, we’re excited to announce that the … more »
Gold Coast Blend is Back
We've heard from several MSI customers that they'd like to see Gold Coast Blend sold in stores again. And we couldn’t be happier about it! Because Gold Coast (the name and the blend) is more than a big, bold cup of coffee to us. Gold Coast Blend was originally introduced to celebrate the … more »
The Tiramisu Test
A standout customer suggestion has intrigued and inspired us so much that we’re asking latte lovers in St. Louis and Jacksonville to test it. It’s another scrumptious dessert reinvented into a handcrafted drinkable delicacy. The new Tiramisu Latte combines our signature espresso with hints … more »
New Tumbler? Let Us Top It Off!
We’re always looking to My Starbucks Idea to stay connected, find inspiration, and ensure we’re delivering the great ideas Starbucks fans are looking for to brighten their day. The other week we noticed an idea that really has gained momentum. Out of more than 200,000 ideas—this idea … more »
Starbucks Syrups Get Kitchen Friendly
If you’re shopping your neighborhood Starbucks you’ll notice something new for the holidays. For the first time ever, we’re offering our most popular signature syrups in new kitchen friendly sizes. Now we’ve always offered our syrups for purchase on . We started … more »

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