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Poll Results: Which sugar-free flavor would you like at Starbucks?
In a recent My Starbucks Idea poll we asked which sugar-free flavor you would like to see at Starbucks. The results have been shared with the beverage team and they hear your ideas and requests for more sugar-free options. They're back in the lab testing and tasting. Here's how you responded … more »
Featured Idea: Cup Fill Lines - Tell us what you think!
Recently a Starbucks customer, Tony Adams shared this idea with us on MSI: non-toxic calibration printed inside cup . This idea caught my eye and I checked out his mock-up picture. Looks interesting. I agree with Tony that this could save on coffee being poured in the garbage cans as well as help with … more »
Poll Results: Which is your Favorite Holiday Beverage
In the latest My Starbucks Idea poll I asked, "W hich is your favorite holiday beverage?" Peppermint mocha took the cake with 47% of the vote, 27% said Eggnog Latte, and 26% said Gingerbread Latte. This year we introduced our newest holiday beverage - Caramel Creme Brulee Latte. Will this be … more »
Turkey, Cranberries, Pumpkin Pie, and Thanksgiving Blend
Coffee is culinary was the inspiration for this annual tradition. Much like the Chef that creates a dish that is balanced and layered, the quality team at Starbucks took the same approach to Thanksgiving Blend. The blending process started with coffees from 10 different origins. All of those coffees … more »
New Holiday Beverage!
Hi everyone, it's Tara again, the product manager of holiday espresso. Starting Tuesday, November 17, in Starbucks stores across the United States, will feature what's sure to be a new holiday beverage tradition : the new Caramel Brulée Latte. It’s a combination of creamy, rich caramel … more »
3 Holiday Beverages + One More on the Way!
Hi everyone. My name is Tara, and I’m the product manager on the espresso team leading the Starbucks holiday beverage promotion this year. I’m personally thrilled to announce the return of red cups, holiday sleeves, and our three holiday classic beverages to participating stores in the U … more »
'Tis the season - for Pumpkin Spice!
Hi everyone, My name is Karen, and I am a product manager on the Espresso team. There has been a lot of enthusiasm around Pumpkin Spice beverages in our stores as well as right here on My Starbucks Idea so I wanted to write a quick note to celebrate the success of Pumpkin Spice with you. This is the … more »

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