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More Stars from My Starbucks Rewards™
You’ve asked for it time and time again, and waited patiently for the big day to come. Well here it is. At and participating Starbucks stores, when you buy any bag of coffee, a package of Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee (excluding single sticks), K-cup® packs or Verismo™ … more »
Rediscover Some of Your Favorite Coffees
Back in 2011, we discontinued some of our favorite coffees to make way for Starbucks® Blonde Roast on the grocery shelves. It was hard deciding which great blends to let go. And we know you’ve missed them just as much as we have . That’s why we’re thrilled to be bringing back for … more »
Discover Starbucks Discoveries, Iced Cafè Favorites™
There’s a new way to enjoy Starbucks iced espresso beverages. Now available in your local grocery store (look in the chilled dairy or juice section) is Starbucks Discoveries. It’s a multi-serving pack Iced Espresso, available in these favorite coffeehouse beverages: Caramel Macchiato , Caffè … more »
My Starbucks Rewards™ in the Grocery Aisle
Hi everyone! MSI member redondokid310 recently posted an idea about earning rewards for grocery purchases – and I’m excited to tell you that’s now a reality. That’s right, My Starbucks Rewards™ members will soon be able to earn Stars for purchasing specially marked packages … more »
A Recipe for Mocha Decadence
We know you guys like to be the first to hear of new coffees from us. If you’ve enjoyed our Naturally Flavored Coffees, then you’ll be excited to hear about our newest flavor: Mocha! As if the natural mocha flavoring inside this coffee weren’t indulgent enough, we’ve included … more »
To Juice or Not to Juice?
One of the hottest topics right now in health & wellness circles is the debate brewing around how to juice. There are a lot of different opinions and sources out there from fasting to detoxifying or cleansing principles. But in my opinion, there really is no right or wrong way – rather there … more »
The Newest Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew
I have the fun job of developing new Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew creations. This means I get to spend most of my day sipping all kinds of delicious drinks. Dream job, right? I think so! This year we created Starbucks VIA® Peppermint Mocha . The biggest challenge was getting the balance of coffee … more »

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