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3 New Ways to Start Your Day
Thanks for your inspiring ideas about our breakfast sandwich lineup—we think adding some new options is a great idea, and we’re excited to share with you what we came up with! New on the menu: • Vegetable & Fontiago sandwich with spinach, caramelized onions and sundried tomatoes … more »
This Little Oat Packs Big, New Flavor
Thanks to your feedback , our Starbucks® oatmeal is even tastier. The new blend delivers hearty texture and delightful taste thanks to old-fashioned and steel-cut oats. We’ve also added a dash of salt to enhance the flavor and reduced the steep time so you can enjoy your oatmeal within just … more »
Our Parfaits Get a Tasty, Protein-packed Update
We LOVE all of the buzz around Greek yogurt! As many of you pointed out , not only is it a great source of protein and energy, but the rich, creamy texture is simply delicious. Our new yogurt parfaits with nonfat Greek yogurt have up to 15 grams of protein (two times that of regular yogurt) each, with … more »
It’s Pure & Simple—Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies are Now Available in San Diego and Baltimore
We’re blending something new in San Diego and Baltimore. This fall at participating stores, we’re testing a fresh and delicious trio of Evolution Fresh™ smoothies. Made with cold pressed and squeezed Evolution Fresh™ juice, two types of fresh fruit and nonfat Greek yogurt, smoothies … more »
Introducing New Menu Boards with Calorie Information
Many of you have asked us to add calorie information to our menu boards nationwide. Well… we couldn’t agree more! We are extremely excited to announce that beginning June 25, 2013 you’ll start to see calories listed on Starbucks menu boards and in the pastry case across the U.S. This … more »
New Salad Bowls
We’ve gotten more than a few ideas about salads at Starbucks – like this one and this one . We get it, too – finding nutritious and delicious eating options on the go can be challenging. That’s the inspiration for our new line of Starbucks Salad Bowls. . We’ve got three … more »
A New Panini with Whole Grains
Last November, MSI community member Betsy12345 asked for a Panini on whole wheat bread . At the time, I couldn’t say anything more other than we were looking at some flavors … but now I can say: Betsy, your idea is a reality! Our new Turkey Rustico Panini blends turkey, smoked Swiss cheese … more »

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