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Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee: Exotic, Rare, Exquisite
Everyone claims to have the world's best coffee! Not often are the words exotic, rare and exquisite used to describe coffee. For Starbucks to append all three words to a limited time offering, the coffee must be really special. We've introduced Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee to a limited number … more »
MSI Coffee Tasting Club Week #8 - Sumatra
I grew up in a divided household, my dad is a morning person and my mom is not. My dad, a writer, would wake up around 4 a.m. My mom, an avid reader, would stay up late in the evening to turn just a few more pages. Strong coffee kept my childhood harmonious. After his first few cups of coffee and first … more »
MSI Coffee Tasting Club Week #7 - Gold Coast Blend®
This week’s stop on our Bold Coffee Journey has a special place in my heart – Chicago is my kind of town (next to Seattle!). I lived there for many years before coming to Seattle, so when I was given the chance to write about Gold Coast Blend®, developed especially for the Windy City … more »
MSI Coffee Tasting Club Week #6 - Café Estima Blend®
Hi, my name is Teri and I currently work in Global Learning at the Starbucks Support Center in Seattle. Sometimes I just want to shout from the rooftops about how much I love Starbucks commitment to people and community! This really hit home for me when I was privileged enough to visit the coffee growing … more »
MSI Coffee Tasting Club Week #5 - Caffè Verona®
Hi everyone! I’m Mary and I help support MSI for our Global Consumer Products (CPG) team. My innovation team looks for new product ideas for grocery and club stores. One of our recent favorite new product launches was the very yummy Starbucks® Ice Cream . I’m so excited to talk about … more »
MSI Coffee Tasting Club Week #4 – Komodo Dragon Blend®
Crack open a bag of Komodo Dragon Blend® and one thing will stand out immediately – a strong aroma that smells a little like a garden or baseball field after a fresh rain. This earthy characteristic is always my first clue that I’m about to enjoy an Asia/Pacific coffee. It’s a dominating … more »
MSI Coffee Tasting Club Week #3 - (Starbucks)RED East Africa Blend
As a 17 year Starbucks Coffee Company partner (employee), I have enjoyed the privilege of tasting some of the world’s finest coffees. I am especially thrilled to have the opportunity to savor (STARBUCKS) RED East AFrica Blend. Africa is the birthplace of coffee, and Starbucks has always cherished … more »

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