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White Cup Art Contest
We know that we have the most creative customers out there. Already plenty of artistic souls are taking our paper cups and drawing or painting beautiful images on them. You took our blank canvas and made it into a work of art. And then you took it one step further, with the idea to create a cup design … more »
Introducing the Newest Mug in Our Collection – Made in the USA!
In response to your ideas and as a part of our ongoing mission to create jobs in the USA, we are excited to announce that our new Starbucks® Logo Mugs have been designed, sourced and made in the USA. But not just anywhere in the USA. We collaborated with Ulrich Honighausen to open the American Pioneer … more »
Mugs to Mark Your Travels
Now you can find the popular and artful “You Are Here” mugs in Wisconsin, Virginia, Kansas City , and Aspen . Each new design features landmarks and activities unique to the city and state, and are sold exclusively in the location they represent. If you’re in any of the above locales … more »
New Tumbler? Let Us Top It Off!
We’re always looking to My Starbucks Idea to stay connected, find inspiration, and ensure we’re delivering the great ideas Starbucks fans are looking for to brighten their day. The other week we noticed an idea that really has gained momentum. Out of more than 200,000 ideas—this idea … more »
Great News For Iced Coffee Lovers
Like you, we adore iced coffee in the summer, (especially with a splash of cream). But turning your favorite beans into freshly brewed iced coffee at home isn’t always easy. You asked for a better way. We’ve designed a great solution: the new Starbucks Iced Coffee Brewer . It includes a 40 … more »
A Fresh Take on the Iconic Cold Cup
You’ve shared ideas for us to offer a promotional cup . We heard you. From May 24-30 at participating stores, you can purchase this limited edition Frappuccino-inspired cold cup and get a free Grande Frappuccino® blended beverage at the same time. (Insider tip: supplies are limited so don’t … more »
Launched: New “You Are Here” Mugs
Phoenix has risen again in the form of our new “You Are Here” mugs. Starting this spring the collection will feature select hotspots like New Orleans, San Francisco, Seattle and more! Many of you have had ideas for more colorful city mugs . We hope you’ll love this new series. Whether … more »

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