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White Cup Art Contest
We know that we have the most creative customers out there. Already plenty of artistic souls are taking our paper cups and drawing or painting beautiful images on them. You took our blank canvas and made it into a work of art. And then you took it one step further, with the idea to create a cup design … more »
Reading This on Your Mobile Device? (If not, you could be.)
Five years and more than 300 launched ideas later, (MSI) is still the place for fans to share and vote on suggestions to better the Starbucks experience. We love hearing from you and want to make it as easy as possible for you to share your ideas; One of which is an improved MSI mobile … more »
Our Commitment to Veterans and Military Spouses
Today, Starbucks is offering veterans, reservists and military spouses a free tall brewed coffee at any of our company-owned locations in the U.S. It’s just our small way of thanking the courageous men and women who serve our great nation, and the families that support them every day. But this … more »
The Gift of Starbucks, in 140 Characters or Less
Today our love of coffee and digital innovation come together on a brand new platform called tweet-a-coffee. It’s a fun, thoughtful, unique way to send Starbucks® using Twitter. Surprise your friends or show appreciation to those you follow. With tweet-a-coffee, you can easily tweet a $5 Starbucks … more »
Our Best Idea Was Asking You for Yours
With your help we’ve launched over 277 ideas just in the last 5 years. Recently your ideas have helped turn customers into friends , encouraged barista recognition , and even helped put an end to confusion at the counter . Thank you for making My Starbucks Idea such a huge success.
Idea Launched: A Better Way to Appreciate Your Barista!
Ever have one of those mornings when everything isn’t quite going right? Then you bump into someone who shares a friendly smile, and suddenly your day is much brighter than it started. Many of you have told us your barista is the one who makes your day great, and you’d like a way to let him … more »
Create Jobs for USA One-Year Anniversary
Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to work on the Create Jobs for USA initiative for Starbucks. I’m so proud to be a part of a great team of people – partners, customers, and like-minded companies – who have helped raise both money and awareness of the jobs crisis in … more »

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