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My Starbucks Rewards Changes
There have been a lot of ideas submitted regarding the updates to the My Starbucks Reward™ program. We realize removing certain benefits is hard. The key factor for us is that we want to have broad-based program benefits that members can appreciate. We made trade-offs in order to offer faster, … more »
Seeing Stars
Hi MSI community, My name is Justin and I work on the My Starbucks Rewards program . Our team has noticed an idea that continues to get a lot of votes here: earning Starbucks rewards based on the number of items you buy rather than the number of transactions you make (as it is now). The idea of earning … more »
Dark Chocolate Mocha
Hello, We’ve seen an outpouring of comments related to dark chocolate ; it’s always great to see this kind of passion about the beverages at Starbucks! It creates an enormous amount of excitement for what we can offer you in the future. The mochas you enjoy in our stores today are made with … more »
Why Aren't There More 24-hour Stores?
Hello, My name is Trish and I’m a regional director in Northern California. I’m also an MSI moderator on this site and look for your ideas around store operations. As partners and leaders in the company, we try to make the people who visit our stores happy every day. A top idea on MSI is … more »
Questions About Licensed Stores
Hi, this is Kerry Busheikin, vice president of Operations for Licensed Stores East. There have been a lot of great questions lately about licensed stores. I wanted to take this opportunity to share some information about why we license and the benefits it provides our customers and I’ll address … more »
Coffee Ice Cubes
Hi Everyone! I’m Mark from the beverage team here at Starbucks. On the beverage team we strive to continually create innovative beverages; for this reason I love the coffee ice cubes idea! The idea initiated an interesting dialogue between customers and Partners (employees) surrounding our iced … more »
Penny for PKD
Thank you for taking the time to comment and vote on My Starbucks Idea for Starbucks to consider “Penny for PKD.” We’ve taken some time to review the comments you’ve made and have had many conversations around this idea. Early on in the commenting and voting, our Idea Partners … more »

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