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A Note on Soy Milk
Hello, Mark here again from the beverage team. We’ve noticed some concern around the decision to switch to a new soy package and formula, and realize that there are some unhappy soy drinkers out there. Therefore, we wanted to share some information so that you (our loyal soy drinkers) have more … more »
Reusable cold cups are back—and thanks to you, BIGGER!
What’s insulated, BPA-free and now comes in a Venti (20 oz.) option? It’s the hottest serveware item of the season that is sure to keep your drinks cold—the reusable cold cups! We heard you and we’re bringing both the Grande (16 oz.) and Venti sizes of the cold cups to you in … more »
“You In?" Turn Your Pledges Into Action
Hello, my name is Anna Cunningham and I work on the Community Investments team at Starbucks. This past January, Starbucks and the HandsOn Network invited people to pledge five hours of their time to serve their local communities. The response was tremendous! Together, we pledged more than 1.25 million … more »
MSI Coffee Tasting Club Week #6 - Café Estima Blend®
Hi, my name is Teri and I currently work in Global Learning at the Starbucks Support Center in Seattle. Sometimes I just want to shout from the rooftops about how much I love Starbucks commitment to people and community! This really hit home for me when I was privileged enough to visit the coffee growing … more »
Introducing Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew – Never be without great coffee!
Twenty years ago, we began a project to try and create the authentic taste of Starbucks® fresh brewed coffee in an instant form. Recently, we were able to crack the code through a U.S. patent pending technological breakthrough. You’ll be amazed how good this tastes. Introducing, Starbucks VIA™ … more »
Green Tumbler w/free drink coupon
Beginning today, now offers Starbucks green recycled-plastic tumblers (made from at least 27% post consumer recycled material). These tumblers are tough and available in a nice “green” color that complements our Organic Shade Grown Mexico and Organic Serena Blend™ … more »
Poll Results: Which Cup do you Use at Starbucks?
Reusable cups , recycling , and for-here cups have been popular at My Starbucks Idea. Many customers and partners have told us they would like recycling available at Starbucks. We’re working on it. Currently 70% of our stores where we control waste pick-up are recycling. We continue to look for … more »

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