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100 of Your Ideas Launched with More to Come
Thank you for participating on We have picked up momentum on launching your ideas and are pleased to announce that 100 of your ideas are now a reality, with more on the way. My Starbucks Idea is supported by 40 Starbucks partners, subject matter experts representing different areas … more »
Treat Receipt Returns
The summer sun is heating up and what better way to beat the heat than celebrating the return of treat receipt! This is the perfect way to cool off on any hot summer day with a cold Grande hand-crafted drink for only $2 (plus applicable tax). My favorite summer drink is our Tazo® Iced Passion Tea … more »
The Chocolate Chai Tea Latte: A New Twist on a Beloved Favorite
You asked for new Chai flavors. We listened. And our answer is Chocolate. The New Chocolate Chai Tea Latte is coming to Starbucks stores this fall for a limited time only. This delicious new beverage is like a hug in a mug with a balance of classic chai spices, black tea, creamy cocoa and steamed milk … more »
Welcome Teavana!
On the eve of a new year, we are proud to officially welcome Teavana to the Starbucks family. This is an exciting announcement on a symbolic day. Together, Starbucks and Teavana are embarking on the next chapter of a journey that we believe will reinvent the way the world enjoys tea, just as Starbucks … more »
A New Bottled Zero Calorie Tazo® Tea
If you are a fan of bottled Tazo® teas , you might have noticed that we launched an assortment of zero calorie iced teas last year in Passion , Zen and Refresh flavors. Since these teas proved so popular, we’ve launched another one: Zero Calorie Iced Tazo® Chai . This is made from the exact … more »
Answers to Your Tazo Questions
Friends of Tazo: Thanks for all your comments and questions on the Tazo Facebook page recently. I’m not just saying that! It means the world to us that you care enough to speak up, and we want to honor that with a full and truthful response to your questions and concerns. And the truth is, these … more »
Tazo® Iced Tea Filterbags Are Back!
Many of our tea drinkers look forward to the summer months and enjoying iced cold Tazo® Tea. Now it will be easier than ever to brew Tazo iced tea at home because we brought back our pitcher size filterbag teas! Our Tazo® Iced Black , Green and Passion Tea Filterbag packages come with six oversize … more »

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