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Holiday Cups are Keeping Cool in the Sunbelt
Holiday red cup season is among us and in several warmer-weather areas of the U.S. holiday cups are—for the first time ever—available for cold drinks. So whether you enjoy cozying up with your latte, cooling off with an iced coffee, or ringing in the season with a Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino® … more »
Tea Fans Rejoice
Teavana Fine Teas + Tea Bar will open its second location in Seattle today at University Village. We are super excited to introduce our new tea bar concept to Seattle. These new neighborhood stores fuse a relaxed atmosphere, delicious handcrafted tea beverages, and unique food pairings together with … more »
The Gift of Starbucks, in 140 Characters or Less
Today our love of coffee and digital innovation come together on a brand new platform called tweet-a-coffee. It’s a fun, thoughtful, unique way to send Starbucks® using Twitter. Surprise your friends or show appreciation to those you follow. With tweet-a-coffee, you can easily tweet a $5 Starbucks … more »
It’s Pure & Simple—Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies are Now Available in San Diego and Baltimore
We’re blending something new in San Diego and Baltimore. This fall at participating stores, we’re testing a fresh and delicious trio of Evolution Fresh™ smoothies. Made with cold pressed and squeezed Evolution Fresh™ juice, two types of fresh fruit and nonfat Greek yogurt, smoothies … more »
The Chocolate Chai Tea Latte: A New Twist on a Beloved Favorite
You asked for new Chai flavors. We listened. And our answer is Chocolate. The New Chocolate Chai Tea Latte is coming to Starbucks stores this fall for a limited time only. This delicious new beverage is like a hug in a mug with a balance of classic chai spices, black tea, creamy cocoa and steamed milk … more »
Here at Last: New Verismo™ Pods
Fans of the Verismo® System have been asking for more pod variety here on MSI, and we are very happy to share some great news. Hitting the shelves this fall and at our online store are two signature flavor favorites that will now be available for the Verismo System! The addition of these new pods … more »
We're Bringing Some Sparkle to Austin & Atlanta
We know that you love your coffee and tea—but we’ve also heard that you’d love to see some sparkling beverages on the menu. For those of you in Austin and Atlanta, we’re testing something new. This summer at participating stores, we’re introducing a mouthwatering selection … more »

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