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Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies Now Available in San Jose and St. Louis
We’ve learned a lot on My Starbucks Idea about the kinds of smoothies you like—all-fruit and veggie juice, good for before or after a workout . And we loved the idea of making a super delicious and nutritious smoothie. So we joined forces with the people who know fruit and veggies the best—our … more »
Happy Happy Hour
Four years ago, your ideas inspired us to create a special summer Frappuccino happy hour . We have had so much positive feedback for this event we decided to extend the hours for our biggest fans—if you’re a My Starbucks Rewards member, you get an extra hour of happy hour! From May 6-10 … more »
The Tiramisu Test
A standout customer suggestion has intrigued and inspired us so much that we’re asking latte lovers in St. Louis and Jacksonville to test it. It’s another scrumptious dessert reinvented into a handcrafted drinkable delicacy. The new Tiramisu Latte combines our signature espresso with hints … more »
It’s Pure & Simple—Evolution Fresh™ Smoothies are Now Available in San Diego and Baltimore
We’re blending something new in San Diego and Baltimore. This fall at participating stores, we’re testing a fresh and delicious trio of Evolution Fresh™ smoothies. Made with cold pressed and squeezed Evolution Fresh™ juice, two types of fresh fruit and nonfat Greek yogurt, smoothies … more »
We're Bringing Some Sparkle to Austin & Atlanta
We know that you love your coffee and tea—but we’ve also heard that you’d love to see some sparkling beverages on the menu. For those of you in Austin and Atlanta, we’re testing something new. This summer at participating stores, we’re introducing a mouthwatering selection … more »
We’re Trying Caramel Flan Latte
Every now and then we hear ideas about new flavors for drinks , such as this one . Well, great minds think alike. We’re trying a new Caramel Flan Latte for a limited time in participating stores in San Diego, Milwaukee and Columbus . In Mexico, caramel flan is a very traditional dessert; every … more »
Introducing Frappuccino® Frozt™ blended beverage
Backyard BBQs. The scent of sunscreen. Flip-flops. Lounging by the pool. Summer’s here, and in the Starbucks Beverage Lab, we’ve been inspired to capture the taste of the season in a new line of Frappuccino® blended beverages. Meet the Frappuccino® Frozt™ blended beverage . … more »

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