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New Ideas in Action
Hi everyone, Happy August! Lots happening on MSI. Last month we launched several ideas – Mini Starbucks Card, healthy food options, treat receipt, reusable totes, and Strawberry Vivanno . Thank you for your continued involvement in shaping the Starbucks experience. New ideas under review… … more »
Newest Idea Under Review
I just wanted to write a quick blog about the newest idea "Under Review" - Send a friend a cup of coffee online. We agree with you that this is a super exciting idea and it's one that we've been poking at for a while now. This week, one of our executives decided that we should officially … more »
Happy Birthday MSI!
My Starbucks Idea celebrates its one year anniversary today. You have shared over 70,000 ideas. In the first year 94 ideas have been put into action and 25 of those have launched including – Instant Coffee , Venti Travel Cup , and Bring Back Tea Lattes . Your ideas have inspired us to think of … more »
Hello from the MSI moderators!
If you are new to My Starbucks Idea we want to welcome you and hello again to our regulars. Look for us in the comment stream of your ideas. We’re the ones in orange. We also give updates on action taken on ideas in the Ideas in Action section of the site. We work in different areas of the business … more »
Ideas Currently Under Review
The Idea Partner team has been busy combing through the site and reading your ideas. Here are a few of the ideas that caught our attention and are currently under review: Sell Reusable Sleeves Posted by meme to Other Product Ideas Gluten free Posted by akPit to Food Transfer Card Balance Posted by ygo2slow … more »
Alternate Payment and Ordering Update
Hello MSI community! My name is Stephen Gillett, the Chief Information Officer for Starbucks. One of the most frequent themes we read in ideas on centers around alternative purchase and payment methods. Here are two examples: Automatic ordering via swipe of card "I'll buy … more »
Nutritious Food Choices Including Vegan Options
Hi, my name is Katie. I am a registered dietitian and senior nutritionist for Starbucks. I have the pleasure of working with a group of passionate partners who are dedicated to bringing nutritious food & beverage options to your Starbucks store. As a Starbucks Idea Partner, I’ve enjoyed reading … more »

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