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Under Review this Week 2
There’s been a lot of talk on the site about recycling and if you haven’t read yesterday’s post by Jim, give it a look—it’s filled with good info. Recycling is so important and one thing we’re working on is trying to reduce the number of things we need to recycle. … more »
Under Review This Week 1
We’re very happy to point out that two of your most popular ideas have been put “Under Review” this week. Here they are: DARK ROAST, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! Bold coffee lovers, we hear you. In just three short weeks, your idea has rocketed to the number two spot (remember that popularity … more »
Under Review—Partners
Greetings Partners and Customers. There has been a lot of discussion about our dress code—certainly on the partner site, but also on the customer site. We wanted to let you all know that this idea is officially “under review”. This includes a host of ideas on the partner site from posts … more »
Great Conversations update
Just a quick post to the hundreds of you that have participated in the “great conversations” idea. We’ve put together a cross functional team over here to figure out how to put this idea in action—and we’ll likely be asking you some questions in the comment stream to get … more »
Food news
Hi, I’m Denny and I lead the food team here at Starbucks. There have been many, many ideas surrounding healthy food options on the site— Healthy, High Protein Breakfast , Smaller Portion Sizes , More Whole Grains to name just a few. I want to let you know that not only do we hear you, we … more »
Partner Ideas “Under Review”
Some of you may not know this, but we also have a My Starbucks Idea expressly for our partners (employees). It’s their place to share ideas and discuss the things that matter most to them—both around the partner experience and customer experience. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have an … more »
Reduce Printed Receipts
My name is Kristi and I work in Retail Implementation & Planning, supporting projects for Store Operations. Recently, many of you proposed a great idea … to reduce the number of printed receipts in our stores. I’m happy to say, an initiative to address this concern was implemented in … more »

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