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24 Hour Starbucks Stores
A recent top idea on MSI has been 24 hours . We are working on getting this information on the site but in the meantime I thought I would share with you where these 24 hour store locations are. There are currently 63 stores total in 15 states. There are a few in the city that never sleeps … more »
Nutritious Food Choices Including Vegan Options
Hi, my name is Katie. I am a registered dietitian and senior nutritionist for Starbucks. I have the pleasure of working with a group of passionate partners who are dedicated to bringing nutritious food & beverage options to your Starbucks store. As a Starbucks Idea Partner, I’ve enjoyed reading … more »
Coconut Milk Test Expansion
Thousands of you have voted and commented about bringing a non-dairy, non-soy milk option to stores, making it one of the most popular My Starbucks Ideas of all time . And we’ve heard you loud and clear! We’re excited and proud to announce Coconut Milk has joined the Starbucks non-dairy milk … more »
Which Veggie Breakfast Sandwich would you Like?
Many of you have told us on MSI that you would like a veggie breakfast sandwich. We’ve been busy working on this idea, but we still need your help. We have two concepts to share with you. Which would you prefer? Cheese & Veggie Breakfast Sandwich A generous portion of Monterey Jack cheese on … more »
Skinny Holiday Beverages - Under Review
Hi all, Louisa, the product manager of holiday espresso here. What could be better than our delicious Peppermint Mocha? Having one with one-third fewer calories and sugar-free sauce, of course! I’m excited to announce that this holiday season in select markets, we are testing Skinny Peppermint … more »
The Tiramisu Test
A standout customer suggestion has intrigued and inspired us so much that we’re asking latte lovers in St. Louis and Jacksonville to test it. It’s another scrumptious dessert reinvented into a handcrafted drinkable delicacy. The new Tiramisu Latte combines our signature espresso with hints … more »
Bienvenue La Boulange® to Starbucks
Walk into La Boulange®, a beautiful bakery in the San Francisco Bay area, and you feel as if you’re walking into an old-world pastry shop in France. Guided by the company’s founder and visionary leader Pascal Rigo, the team at La Boulange® skillfully crafts authentic French pastries … more »

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