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More Verismo™ Pods per Pack
You’ve been asking for it , and now we’re happy to announce that we’ve launched 15 different varieties of 96-count boxes of Verismo pods, exclusively online. You’ll save a few bucks by buying in bulk, as always, orders over $75 ship for free. Choose from your favorites like Pike … more »
New Verismo Pods
We’ve been hearing a lot of requests for new Verismo pods, and we agree! Verismo needs more variety of pods, including decaf. So thanks to your ideas, Decaf Pike Place® Roast Brewed Coffee pods are now available in stores. And through the end of February, you can find special Guatemala Casi … more »
Starbucks Syrups Get Kitchen Friendly
If you’re shopping your neighborhood Starbucks you’ll notice something new for the holidays. For the first time ever, we’re offering our most popular signature syrups in new kitchen friendly sizes. Now we’ve always offered our syrups for purchase on . We started … more »
Decaf Pike Place® Roast is Here For Verismo® System
Ok I admit it. Sometimes life requires decaf (at least mine does). With many of you asking for decaf brewed coffee on Verismo, we worked with our coffee team to bring these pods to market as soon as possible. And voilà - decaf brewed Pike Place® Roast pods are now available at StarbucksStore … more »
Verismo™ Pods Available in over 7,000 Starbucks locations, starting October 1
More pods in more places! We’ve heard from you that you want to see more Starbucks stores carrying your favorite Verismo™ pods. Starting Tuesday, October 1, our core selection of Verismo™ pods will be available in all company-operated Starbucks locations. Grab a box for the weekend … more »
Here at Last: New Verismo™ Pods
Fans of the Verismo® System have been asking for more pod variety here on MSI, and we are very happy to share some great news. Hitting the shelves this fall and at our online store are two signature flavor favorites that will now be available for the Verismo System! The addition of these new pods … more »
Verismo® System: Meet the Ice Cube
Hello to our Verismo owners, Summer is in full swing now and I’m ready for something cool. So I turned to our Research & Development gurus for help and they created a whole batch of yummy iced espresso recipes – just for the Verismo. Starting today, stock up for the weekend and try some … more »

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