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Introducing Starbucks Reserve Subscriptions
We have been seeing lots of excitement on My Starbucks Idea surrounding the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room and how to share that experience with the rest of the country. One of our favorite ideas: Starbucks Reserve coffee delivery . Since we introduced our first Starbucks Reserve coffee in 2010, we knew we had something special to share. As the program has grown, so has our ability to source, roast, and share these unique, rare, and incredibly flavorful coffees. Through Starbucks Reserve, we’ve introduced dozens of amazing, small-lot coffees including our first-ever single-origin offerings from Galapagos San Cristóbal, Nicaragua and Hawaii’s Ka’u area. We’ve … more »
Coconut Milk Is Here!
Thousands of you voted and commented about wanting a non-dairy, non-soy milk option, making it one of our most popular My Starbucks Ideas of all time. So we set out to find an option that offered the texture and experience of milk, plus a flavor to complement the richness of our espresso. We tested coconut milk in Cleveland, Oregon, and Los Angeles stores, seeking the input of countless customers and partners. The results were hugely successful, and we’re excited to announce that starting today our certified vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO verified coconut milk is available as a customization for your favorite espresso, tea, and Frappuccino® beverages in Starbucks stores across the … more »
A Warm Welcome to Teavana® Hot Brewed Teas at Starbucks
The cold weather is here and there is no better time to announce the launch of Teavana® Hot Brewed Teas at Starbucks® to join Teavana Shaken Iced Teas and Teavana loose leaf teas already sold in the lobby. We hear lots of great ideas all the time about new tea flavors, loose-leaf tea and more tea variety in general, so we hope you’re as excited about this switch as we are. The Teavana tea lineup will include classics like Earl Grey and Mint Majesty™, as well as more complex flavor combos like Passion Tango™ , Youthberry® and Teavana® Oprah Chai . In addition to the new flavors, we’ve worked hard to improve the loose leaf sachet. Our Research & Development … more »
Android App Update
Your ideas and feedback about our app has been helpful and inspiring. We’ve heard from a number of you about updating the Android™ app, and we’re excited to announce that we have! Our latest version of the Starbucks® app for Android™ is available now in the Google Play Store and features a new inbox and Android Wear support (USA only). With the new inbox, we'll let you know about exclusive events and offers, early access to select products — right in your app. The new release also brings wearables support to the app, so you can get tip and inbox notifications right on your Android Wear device. This release expands the features of the new Starbucks® app … more »
Introducing: The Flat White
Every New Year brings the opportunity to start fresh, take on new challenges and try new things. This year, we’ve decided to try something you’ve been asking for years - the Flat White . Technically, the Flat White isn’t something new. It’s relatively unknown in the US, but if you’ve ever spent time in Australia or New Zealand, where the Flat White got its start in the ‘80s, you might have experienced one already. Our version combines ristretto shots of espresso with whole milk that has been perfectly steamed to a velvety, dense microfoam. Those two simple ingredients, espresso and milk prepared to perfection, combine to create a bolder espresso drink that … more »
First Holiday Edition Reusable Cup
In 2013, we introduced our $1 Reusable Cup to U.S. and Canada stores, helping to increase our percentage of beverages served in customer tumblers (and reduce waste) by 20%. Now, thanks to your ideas , we have a special treat for the holidays—the Holiday Reusable Cup, available for a limited time. The art is inspired by our red holiday cups, using some of the same design elements. And if you’re one of our reusable cup users, you’ll know that this is the first special edition cup that we have made, aside from our online-only, limited edition cup from our #Whitecupcontest . The cup is available in participating stores for the holiday season in the U.S. and Canada for $2. It has … more »
Reactivate Gold Status for Active Duty Military
Hi, it’s Erin on the loyalty team. As a Starbucks partner, and also a very proud sister of an active duty United States Marine, this idea to freeze Gold status while on military deployment was naturally close to my heart. After my sister returned from Afghanistan, I saw how hard it was for her to get everything back in order. And I knew that if my team could help make that process for other military members easier in any way, we would. Launching this idea is our way of saying to all U.S active military members, that not only do we value everything you do to ensure the safety of our country, but that we also sincerely value your loyalty to Starbucks. If you are leaving for deployment, just … more »

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